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Benefits of Choice & Control in the Disability Industry

Regardless of how well-wishing they are, family, friends, and caretakers often take away choice and control from people with disabilities.

They tend to think they can take better decisions for the disabled person under their care.

Consequently, disabled community members find themselves forced into regiments and routines enforced by others.

On the other hand, if provided better choice and control, disabled people and the society, as a whole, can benefit immensely.

Let us explore how this happens and why we need to promote more choice and control in the disability industry.

Benefits of Choice and Control

·      Benefits for Health

Giving choice and control to people with disabilities has shown promising healing effects.

For instance, people with psychosocial conditions experience an improvement in their quality of life when offered more autonomy.

·      Less Burden on Healthcare System

Facilitating families with disabled members, so they can choose to keep children with disabilities with them, eases the burden on the state.

·      Free & Fairer Society

In developed democracies, offering choice and control, especially to disabled voters, is fundamental.

It leads to fairer processes for a country and allows the development of legislatures that consider the rights of people with disabilities.

·      Benefits for Women & Vulnerable Segments

According to a report by NDIS, “Shut out: The Experience of People with Disabilities and their Families in Australia,” many women who have any form of disability, experience gender-based discrimination, and physical and sexual violence.

Therefore, when they are given more control in the form of choices, they are less likely to become victims of gender-based crimes.

The Gist

The idea that disabled individuals must live an isolated and dependent life is not correct at all.

As part of NDIS’s plans, every individual who has any form of disability must be offered freedom of choice and control to progress towards more progressive practices for them.

Get in touch with Courage Support Services to learn more about how we can progress towards a more disability-inclusive society!

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