Home Care - Disability Support and Care Services

Home Care

Home Care Services are an essential part of living at home with a disability. It helps participants to take control of their own lives with a bit of assistance from caring and skilled disability support workers like the team from Courage Support Services.

We get to know your likes and dislikes and provide customised solutions for all of our participants.

Community Care - Disability Care, Disability Support Workers

Community Care

Some disabilities can’t be treated lifelong whether it is physical or mental. You always need someone by your side to help you in your daily routines.

Courage support services is specifically designed for such people who seek compassionate love, care, and support. We help people learn to enjoy life with independence and dignity alone or in the community to avoid social isolation.

We intend to help people with mental illness, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities.

Personal Care - Disability Support Services

Personal Care

No matter if you have a disability or not, personal care is important not only for health but also to ensure that you are feeling and looking your best for your own personal satisfaction.

It’s extremely important for everyone to look and feel their best to get the best experience out of life and that’s where Courage Support Services come into the picture.

Allied Health Services Disability Care Victoria - Man Wearing Mask

Allied Health Services

Allied health care professionals enable people with disability to improve their health, wellness, and ability to engage in life activities at home, school, or work. They also provide therapeutic services.

Support Coordination Disability Services - Two Men Working Together

Support Coordinators

Courage Support Services makes it a priority to understand each client’s unique needs while they work with us. Our staff consists of Support Coordinators from various communities, so our clients can receive the support that is appropriate for their needs.

Behaviour Support - Disability Support Workers, Disability Care Services

Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support services are available from Courage Support Services in Victoria. We understand that life can sometimes be challenging and frustrating for people with disabilities.

Sometimes things may trigger participants and special care must be taken stabilise the situation using a range of techniques to ensure the situation has been de-escalated.

Community Care - Disability Care, Disability Support Workers


Courage Support Services can help with disability transportation services across Victoria and surrounding locations.

We work with a number of disability transportation services including ride share, bus and taxi companies that cater for people with disabilities with wheel chair accessible vehicles to make things as easy as possible when having to transport people with disabilities in the service area’s we cater for.

Disability Types We Cater For:

Courage Support Services provide care and support services for all types of disabilities and abilities.

  • Intellectual

  • Physical

  • Acquired brain injury

  • Neurological

  • Deafblind

  • Vision

  • Hearing

  • Speech

  • Developmental delay

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