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Courage Support Services was created due to a growing demand in the disability care and support services industry.

With a strong background in the health industry combined with experience in disability care, we decided to create a company that was ethical and demands only the best disability care workers in the disability industry available to us.

Courage Support Services portrays the following core values:
• All humans are equal, no matter how rich, poor, or disabled a person is
• All individuals’ cultures must be respected, no matter where they are from.

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Why So Many People Choose Courage Support Services - Smiling mixed ethnicity couple or interracial friends talking with sign finger hand language

Why So Many People Choose Us For Disability Care

Since the launch of Courage Support Services, we have been told by many of our clients that we were the perfect choice for them due to our experience, professionalism and caring nature. This has been amazing feedback and is exactly the type of company that we wanted to create from the get go.

The happiness of our participants is what will ensure the success of our company, and we will continue to innovate and put new systems in place to ensure that we are always sticking to our goals of becoming the number one disability care and support service providers in the industry.

Our Vision

Courage Support Services will make a huge impact in our clients lives by helping them not only with their daily activities, but to improve and become more independent both physically and mentally.

Our Mission

Courage Support Services will work by complying with current legislative requirements, reading, and thoroughly understanding client care plans before commencing work, understanding clients likes and dislikes and getting clients involved with activities that impact their lives positively.

Together We Can Make A Change!

Courage Support Services are dedicated to making a change to the lives of people living with a disability.

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