Behaviour Support Services

Behaviour Support services are available from Courage Support Services in Victoria. We understand that life can sometimes be challenging and frustrating for people with disabilities. Sometimes things may trigger participants and special care must be taken stabilise the situation using a range of techniques to ensure the situation has been de-escalated.

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How Can Behaviour Support Help Me?

We love getting to know our participants and understanding what makes them happy and unsatisfied to ensure that we are focused on providing the best behavioural support service based on there needs.

We want to know what triggers they have to ensure that when we work with our participants, that they are considered when providing behavioural support. This means there is much less risk of any behavioural incidents and we can provide the best care and support services to our participants and increase their quality of life during our time spent with them.

How Can Behaviour Support Help Me - Mother and boy with disability
Why Choose Courage Support Services For Behaviour Support - son with disability in rehabilitation center

Why Choose Courage Support Services For Behaviour Support?

Now that you have learned a little about Courage Support Services behavioural support, you may see why so many people are choosing us for behavioural support and care services across Victoria.

When we see happy participants, we know we are doing things the right way. So to us, the happiness of our participants is the best way for us to gauge success. That’s why so many people are choosing Courage Support Services for behavioural support services.

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