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Some disabilities can’t be treated lifelong whether it is physical or mental. You always need someone by your side to help you in your daily routines. Courage support services is specifically designed for such people who seek compassionate love, care, and support. We help people learn to enjoy life with independence and dignity alone or in the community to avoid social isolation.

We intend to help people with mental illness, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities.

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How Can Community Care Help Me?

Care services are vital to the disability industry and can help you to get some much needed supports for your much loved family members needing care services in Victoria, Australia.

Courage Support Services focus is to help people with disabilities by developing and improving skills to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on high-quality care and support.

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Why Choose Courage Support Services For Community Care?

If you want professional yet friendly services to take care of your loved one’s needs at your doorstep, Courage Support Services should be your choice.

Our care service is a team of compassionate individuals who strive to help people with disabilities learn surviving life skills, educate them, and care for them as if they were our family.

We not only help our clients, but we also help the families by putting their nerves at ease and relieving them of any tension knowing they have trusted and professional community care workers.

General Enquries

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