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Disability Support Services Melbourne

People with impairments are not a homogeneous population. They experience many compounding types of discrimination, not just on the basis of disability, but also on other factors, which can lead to exclusion.

According to the World Health Organisation, around 15% of the world’s population is disabled. The frequency of disability is frequently higher in instances of forced displacement because a greater number of persons suffer injuries, lack access to medical care, and encounter environmental restrictions.

These data may remain evolutionary averages, but one fact is certain: the number of persons affected by any type of impairment comprises a sizeable proportion of the global population, from toddlers to adults. It is also critical to emphasise that some persons may have several impairments. This explains why the overall number of disabled individuals in the world does not match the sum of disabled people by disability type. The same person can be both deaf and blind.

Global disability statistics explained

  • Eighty percent of impairments are acquired between the ages of 18 and 64.
  • Persons over 60 accounted for 962 million people in 2017, more then double the number in 1980.
  • One in every two handicapped people cannot afford therapy.
  • People with impairments have poorer overall health.
  • Disability promotes reliance and inhibits social involvement.
  • People with impairments have a greater poverty rate.

What makes a person with a disability strong?

A handicapped person who practises compassion is frequently psychologically stronger than other people. That is because, even when everything appears to be going wrong, he understands and knows how to employ sympathy, understanding, and compassion.

What are the top five hurdles for people with disabilities?

There are five recognised accessibility challenges for people with impairments. Attitude, organisational or systemic obstacles, architectural or physical barriers, information or communications hurdles, and technological barriers are all examples of these.

Disability Support By Courage Support Services In Melbourne 

Courage Support Services, located in Melbourne, Victoria, provides assistance to children, young people, and adults, including assisted housing and independent living, decision making, and relief.

We focus on knowing your goals so that we can tailor your support services to suit. We respect your choices and decisions as we work with you to increase your ability and independence.

We will support you in engaging in daily life, setting up service agreements with providers, or dealing with complicated issues. We provide help and housing choices to persons with disabilities who wish to live independently.

Our care service is a group of caring persons who seek to teach people with disabilities life skills, educate them, and care for them as if they were family.

We not only assist our clients, but we also assist their families by calming their worries and relieving them of any strain knowing they are in the hands of experienced and skilled community care staff.

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