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In-Home Disability Care Services

In Australia, there are around 500,000 persons who have signed up to get assistance from the government as a result of a disability.

Through the National Handicap Insurance Scheme, people who have a persistent and major disability will have the option to choose the kind of care and assistance that is best for them (NDIS). Individuals will essentially have greater autonomy and control over their treatment as well as how they choose to manage their disease as a result of this.

If a person’s physical or mental condition makes it harder for them to do certain tasks, engage in certain activities, or interact with their environment, they are said to have a disability.

As a result, the term “disability” may be used to describe a broad range of various disorders. These conditions or limitations might be brought on by cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or a combination of many reasons.

Types of disability care

In-home disability care

Medical experts with training and experience in the caregiving industry may offer in-home care for handicapped children and adults who choose to remain in their own environment.

Those who live with a disability or who give full-time care for someone who has a disability may find it challenging to balance their daily obligations and household chores without some extra help.

Home care packages, or HCPs, are services provided by licenced service providers to assist older people with a variety of requirements in maintaining their independence in their own homes. Examples of the kinds of help that may be funded by the NDIS and made available to people who do not qualify as HCPs include in-home care services, home modifications, and equipment.

People with disabilities have access to a broad range of assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, over-bed trays, walking aids, walking frames, and food carts, to mention a few.

Disability aids and equipment

Independent living centres and a number of commercial enterprises both sell a range of equipment and assistance for people with disabilities. These tools and accessories are intended to provide those who live with impairments with more independence. 

Higher toilet seats, non-slip bathroom mats, dressing and grooming aids, jar openers, specialised knives and forks, and other tools may be among the help and equipment that are provided. These devices may be installed in the home to provide people with disabilities the support they need to continue living independently in their own homes.

Allied health professionals

These professionals may be able to help people with physical limitations increase their flexibility, balance, and mobility. They are also able to provide advice on matters like diet, exercise, the proper way to move and handle heavy objects, and prospective home modifications that can make it simpler to live at home despite having a handicap. Occupational therapists, dietitian, and physiotherapists are a few examples of allied health specialists that are eligible to register with the NDIS.

Courage Support Services In-Home Disability Care Services

Courage Support Services is a disability care and support service situated in Victoria, Australia. We strive to be NDIS compliant in order to provide our clients with the finest services possible based on best industry practices.

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