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Community Access Care Melbourne

Community care services are designed to assist persons who require care and assistance in living in the community with dignity and independence. This effort includes locating community resources that are easily accessible, determining the priority order in which interventions should be implemented, and designing programmes and procedures to achieve this objective. Who offers services for […]

Disability Support Workers Melbourne

The major duty of a person whose occupation is that of a disability support worker is to provide care and assistance to community members who are coping with mental health issues or physical impairments (also known as a disability support worker). One of the most important responsibilities that you will have as a licensed support […]

Disability Support Services Melbourne

People with impairments are not a homogeneous population. They experience many compounding types of discrimination, not just on the basis of disability, but also on other factors, which can lead to exclusion. According to the World Health Organisation, around 15% of the world’s population is disabled. The frequency of disability is frequently higher in instances […]

Registered NDIS Provider Melbourne

NDIS is an abbreviation that is often used to refer to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is the most up-to-date method for providing aid to persons in Australia who are afflicted with impairments. As part of this, we may offer you support if we determine that you are struggling with a mental impairment (mental […]

In-Home Disability Care Services

In Australia, there are around 500,000 persons who have signed up to get assistance from the government as a result of a disability. Through the National Handicap Insurance Scheme, people who have a persistent and major disability will have the option to choose the kind of care and assistance that is best for them (NDIS). […]

Disability Community Care Services Williamstown Melbourne

Some disabilities can make it difficult for people to get out and about or manage everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning. Disabled people may also need help to access education, employment and social activities. Community care services are designed to help people with a disability live as independently as possible in their homes and communities. […]

Disability Home Care Services

The constant to and from rounds of doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, disability support groups, and other activities can be tiring for you and your family. Add to that the challenges of maintaining a household, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and happy – it can all be too much. But it doesn’t have to be. At […]