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Disability Community Groups

Our social and community participation support across Melbourne, Victoria, provides assistance to help you build and maintain relationships, carry out activities of interest in your community, and achieve your goals of participating in work or the creative arts. Social and community participation is a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle. Our social support services […]

Disability Independence Via Home Care Services

Are you unsure how to increase the independence of your loved one? The care of a disabled person can be debilitating. Physically and emotionally, it can exact a heavy toll on both the caregiver and the disabled person. It can be difficult to carve out the time or find the energy to work on greater […]

Home care services help to provide independence

Disability does not and should not mean a person cannot be independent. Yes, living with an impairment restricts oneself and limits freedom. But all is not lost for individuals who are specially-abled. There are effective and holistic home care services that empower individuals living with a permanent and serious disability, providing greater convenience, comfort, choice, […]

How to choose a disability care service

Disabled people are an integral part of our society. They deserve the right to enjoy and live their lives independently. However, choosing a reliable disability service provider is a challenging process. But don’t worry. Here are three steps to help you connect with a suitable disability service that caters to your needs. 1.   Research, Research […]

Benefits of Choice & Control in the Disability Industry

Regardless of how well-wishing they are, family, friends, and caretakers often take away choice and control from people with disabilities. They tend to think they can take better decisions for the disabled person under their care. Consequently, disabled community members find themselves forced into regiments and routines enforced by others. On the other hand, if […]

What is the NDIS?

The world is designed for “normal” people. Any person who does not fall in the category of ‘normal’, whether in physical or mental terms, finds it difficult to fit in. For instance, disabled members of society do not have the same facilities or opportunities that are available to others – it’s a sad but true […]